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Our 129 Year History

The Farmers’ Alliance Store in Siler City has the most unique story behind its beginning of any business concern in North Carolina since it is believed to be the only existing store of its kind in America.

Seeing the need for a central place to trade in the fledgling community of Siler City, a group of farmers from the surrounding area met August 7, 1888, at Loves Creek School House, a one room building located on the ground of the present Loves Creek Baptist hoop-cheeseChurch on Highway 64 just outside eastern limits of Siler City. They organized a corporate body for the purpose of buying, selling and exchanging goods, wares, merchandise, and farm products.

Forty Chatham County Farmers’ Alliance Lodges were represented and various members subscribed $300 each for stock in the new enterprise. The group was more interested in providing cheaper prices for it members; thus, the general public’s trade was not considered too important at that time. The store had its own constitution, and stockholders were required to be farmers and members of the Alliance Lodge

A lot was purchased from Samuel Siler on the east side of present South Birch Avenue at Beaver Street on August 28, 1888 and a two story wooden building was erected. A new two story brick building was build on the site in 1909 with an addition made in 1915 for grocery, seed, and hardware departments. Later, in the front part of the new building a room was furnished with library table, chairs, and crib for a public rest area especially for women and children

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(You will still find friends sitting around in this area today passing the time and updating themselves on the local news.) On the wall above the table in the rest area hung a Romon’s Calendar (Farmers’ Almanac planting calendar), a relevant part of the store.

For many years the store operated on the barter system. Huge containers for the storage of grain were placed in the store warehouse. After unloading his grain the farmer would exchange grain for articles of clothing, groceries or hardware. It was a very common sight to see the vacant lots full of horses and wagons.

Starting as a agricultural-base store complete with equipment, groceries, all wearing apparel and needs for the farm and home were sold. Today, customers will find lawn and garden supplies, ladies’ and men’s apparel, western wear, shoes, cowboy boots, galoshes, hats, jeans, bib overalls and coveralls (sizes extra small to extra large), small food items, stick candy, oil lamps, the famous old Rawleigh Products (flavors, salves, etc). Apiary equipment for local beekeepers is on the shelves. Hoop cheese can also be purchased there and scrub boards and ceramic chamber pots.

The Farmers’ Alliance store is the oldest business still in operation in the town of Siler City. It is significant to note that in spite of all odds encountered during the past 129 years: Spanish American and two World Wars, The Great Depression, Korean and Viet Nam Conflicts, Gulf Wars and the fluctuation of business during recessive periods, The Farmers’ Alliance Store, Inc., 134 South Chatham Avenue, Siler City, NC 27344 is still in operation and will continue to be a prominent, valuable and useful asset to the citizens of Chatham County.

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